About ConcePTION

ConcePTION is a project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a private public partnership. The project was launched in April 2019.

We believe that we have an important societal obligation to radically and rapidly reduce uncertainty about the effects of medication used during pregnancy and breastfeeding to benefit women in making informed decisions about medications used before, during and after pregnancy.


2020 was a challenging year for all of us, having an impact on our work and private lives alike. Despite adapting to a global pandemic, we have made amazing progress in our project and achieved many milestones on our way to improve the information for pregnant and breastfeeding women worldwide. With 88 partners from 22 countries, we should be proud of being part of a unique project that is set out to improve the situation in an orphan and neglected topic!  | READ MORE >>
Pregnant women make decisions about medicines based on insufficient, incomplete and randomly available information with varying quality. More than five million European women become pregnant every year. Most of them use at least one medicine during their pregnancy. A recent master thesis from the ConcePTION project shows that giving women easy access to information from sources they can trust can empower them to make decisions about medicines in pregnancy.  | READ MORE >>
Many women need medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding in order to treat health conditions. However, they often choose to stop their medication. I meet these women in my clinical practice. Many of them have underlying medical problems, anything from common ailments (such as headaches or heartburn) to autoimmune diseases, to heart and kidney disease or even an organ transplant. Naturally, they worry about the medicines they are taking for fear that they might harm their baby. Ken Hodson, Head of the UK Teratology Information Service (www.uktis.org) and consultant obstetrician with a specialist interest in medical problems in pregnancy in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK shares his thoughts on this year's #MedSafetyWeek!  | READ MORE >>


Most #pregnant women take at least one #medicine, but we don't always know how safe it is. We are building knowledge on medicine safety in pregnancy and #breastfeeding. For #mothers, #doctors and #babies. Based on strong science.

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We believe in improving #maternalhealth by understanding how the needs of #healthcareworkers in reproductive care are changing since the #coronavirus outbreak. If you're a doctor, midwife, nurse or pharmacist, tell us your needs so we can be your voice https://bit.ly/2LIBdCf

The ConcePTION consortium

The project unites an unprecedented 88 organizations from 22 countries, including the European Medicines Agency, drug manufacturers, academia, public health organizations, and teratology networks to innovate new solutions to a decades-long public health issue.


The ConcePTION project has received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 821520. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and EFPIA.