About ConcePTION

ConcePTION is a project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a private public partnership. The project was launched in April 2019.

We believe that we have an important societal obligation to radically and rapidly reduce uncertainty about the effects of medication used during pregnancy and breastfeeding to benefit women in making informed decisions about medications used before, during and after pregnancy.

Reporting medicine use in pregnancy

Did you use any medicines when you were pregnant? Here is how you and your health care provider can report what we call an exposure.

Ten principles for stakeholder engagement in the ConcePTION project

The ConcePTION project is building much-needed knowledge for women and health care professionals. To achieve our goal of building an ecosystem for medicine safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding, we need to engage with women, their partners, their doctors, pharmacists, midwives and nurses, the companies that develop medicines and the authorities that approve them and decide what becomes available to patients. Our goal is to work in an open and inclusive way, with the spirit of mutual respect and trust. Here is how we engage with stakeholders in an ethical way.


The CONSIGN project will collect data on the impact of Covid-19 in pregnancy with the aim to guide decision-making about vaccination policies and treatment options for COVID-19 in pregnancy. The project is carried out in collaboration with ConcePTION, the COVI-PREG project, and the International Network of Obstetric Survey Systems (INOSS) network, with an open invitation for more researchers to join! The end goal is to create a sustainable global infrastructure that can be used for prospective monitoring of the benefits and risks of different treatments in pregnancy. Extending well beyond the current Covid-19 health crisis.  | READ MORE >>
Developing evidence for medicine safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding is a complex task. To solve the problem, ConcePTION brings together stakeholders and experts from a wide range of disciplines. Each with their own expertise and precise terminology. To align our work and develop a joint understanding of both questions and results, we have developed a glossary that is now available online for anyone to use!  | READ MORE >>
ENTIS is a global collaborative network of Teratology Information Services and a key partner in the IMI ConcePTION project. On the 14th April 2021, the ENTIS Board and Scientific Committee announced the official position of the ENTIS organisation to encourage the use of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant and lactating women, where the benefits are considered to outweigh the risks. | READ MORE >>


We work with CONSIGN on #Covid19 & #pregnancy to guide decision-making on vaccination policies & treatment options. We invite researchers across the globe to help build a sustainable infrastructure on the benefits & risks of using #medicines in pregnancy!


The ConcePTION consortium

The project unites an unprecedented 88 organizations from 22 countries, including the European Medicines Agency, drug manufacturers, academia, public health organizations, and teratology networks to innovate new solutions to a decades-long public health issue.


The ConcePTION project has received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 821520. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and EFPIA.